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Mama Lawlor

My Mama Lawlor


Mama Lawlor! 

Mama Lawlor!

She's a sweet little lady with three cool kids

Ryan, Debra, and Ross

She's a mama and a granny who likes to crochet

But don't be mistaken- she's the boss

She wakes up in the morning, fills her coffee cup

And gets right on the phone

She asks if she can watch her three grandkids

They're always wanted in her home

Now Lucas, Jack, and Liam know she's gonna' pamper them

They always want to stay

And Leslie Lawlor is a happy little camper

With a fourth grandchild on the way

She's lookin' out for her little clan

She's the scrap bookin' mama with the master plan

Mama Lawlor! 

Mama Lawlor!

She's always thinkin' 'bout the people she sees

Her friends and family

She even loves acquaintances and strangers on the street

Especially in Hawaii

She's a mama to you, and a mama to me

A mama to everyone

She likes to travel and have a good time

She knows how to have fun

She's always lendin' a helping hand

She's gonna take us all to Disneyland

Mama Lawlor! 

Mama Lawlor!

Mama Lawlor!


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