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My wife used to babysit her when she was a little kid

And when she was a teenager I used to be her music teacher

And now she likes to get dolled up and go out dancing all grown up

And I make sure to go online from time to time to try to reach her

And she's a mother of two

About to go to nursing school

Alecia (repeat)

She goes to work, tending bar and there's no limit to how far she's gonna go

Because she's got a lot of goals, she's always striving

She really loves her family and she used to be in marching band

And twirl the flags in her hand, just like her little sister

She really likes to sing

You might be surprised at the things she can do

Alecia (repeat)

I remember when she was a kid

I remember the crazy things she did

Alecia (repeat)

I've known her for so long

But I really can't find anything wrong with

Alecia (repeat)


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